Only if you want to try something new in sex and get new impressions, then we will tell you what you need to do. We offer you eight types of sex that you definitely need to try.

Sex Carezza

This kind of sex came to us from Italy. His main principle is to bring partner to dry orgasm. In other words, you need to satisfy your partner with just affection. This kind of sex is worth practicing with person with whom you have deep emotional connection. Experts recommend doing Carezza in morning. At this time, we are still relaxed and tuned for pleasure.

Start with cute smiles and strokes. Look into each other’s eyes, moan gently and touch each other. You can make relaxing massage. In that case, if you want, caress each other with kisses and tongue all over your body. In event that you and your partner have emotional attachment, then you will definitely enjoy this type of sex.

Sex Kiki

This kind of sex needs to be practiced spontaneously, without preparation. It’s like sprint distance in sex. No need to undress, no need to get ready. All that is required of you – get excited and enjoy. For this type of sex any place will suit: restaurant toilet, car, cinema, elevator, fitting room, stairwell. Main thing is to be careful that no one catches you on hot one.


This ordinary sex water. It can be practiced in bathroom, on sea, in pool, in sauna and like. During this sex, you can experience unusual sensations. Beauty lies in fact that when immersed in water, our muscles relax completely, and skin becomes softer to touch. Thanks to this sex is getting better. However, don`t forget about safety. After all, sex in water can be very traumatic.

Therefore, in advance, place mat on bottom of bath or attach handle-holders for additional support. Pay special attention to contraception. Condoms in water easily slide off and tear.

Sex in open air

Sex on street, away from stuffy rooms can be unforgettable pleasure for both partners. Get away from home: to country, to cottage in country or just to beach. Just keep in mind that you need to have sex in nature. However, take care of convenience in advance. Take litter and napkins with you, as there may be no water nearby.

Sex Gourmet

Share with your soulmate erotic meal. Feed each other with something delicious. Romantic dinner by candlelight, with meat and wine will excite not only your man, but also you. Throw down rules of etiquette and just feed each other hands. So tastier and more erotic. You can smear sauce over each other’s body, and then gently lick it. This will be great prelude for hot and unforgettable sex.

Fitness – erotic

Did you know that during passionate sex, we burn lot of calories. So why not combine business with pleasure. Just do active sex more often. Don`t be lazy to try new complex poses, spend time on long foreplay and accelerate rate of sexual intercourse.

Tantric sex

This kind of sex originated in India. Since then it has been perfected and now it has become something unusual in our everyday world. Main purpose of this sex – to enjoy whole body. To get most out of tantra, you rarely need to have sex and accumulate your sexual arousal. Massage, proper breathing, caress and deep orgasm play large role in tantra technique. However, please note that not every couple can get pleasure from this type of sex. This will take little practice.


We live in world where we are surrounded by technology: tablets, phones, computers. So why not use it to diversify your sex life. Chat on webcam with your partner on intimate topics, get bare in front of him. You can just pamper him with intimate sms and your erotic photos. It excites, stirs imagination and helps to make sex in reality better.