couple-in-bedIt’s a well-known fact that the nerve problems is the base for lots of the diseases appearing and erectile dysfunction is definitely one of them. In is case Viagra isn’t a solution until the main problem is removed. Nowadays making more researches on this problem we can definitely say that the main reasons of this disease are more or less found out. The last research showed that almost 70% of the patients who suffer sexual problems have a nerve damage. The connection of these facts nowadays is the same obvious as before it was found out about the heart problem’s influence on the ED appearing. Of course to be 100% sure we need to make more tests, but the first results are already impressive. You can buy ED drugs at

The first symptoms

Burning or tingling feelings are the first signs to pay attention on. And of cause if you have a weird discomfort for a long period of time you should definitely go see physician to make the tests. It’s way easier to stop this discomfort if you go to the doctor while its just the first mild stage of your sickness, then these pain can be easily relieved. Moreover this doctor visit should be made as soon as you first felt this weird feeling becauseĀ  the nerve damage can progress really fast which can cause the erectile dysfunction.

Each nerve problem can cause the different symptoms that are not even linked with each other. All of this can cause cost chest pain, angina or even be confused with the heart problems. One of the main symptoms of the nerve damaging are dry eyes and mouth, sweating and if the motor nerves are damage then it can also lead to the muscles atrophy or paralysis. Sexual disorders are also in a line, but comparing to some others it’s just the easies form.

The main causes

The nerves are the main links to the emotional sensations that we connect to some feelings. So it’s clear that if some nerve is damaged then the delivery system will have some problems. Every nerve gas it’s own aim so when the system is damaged then they start to send the signals with no aim.

There are many ways to make the nerve damage: the physical injury, medical treatment and the side effects of some serious sicknesses such as diabetes when there is too much glucose in the blood. Putting too much pressure on the tumors can also be the reason of the nerves damaging.

One of the standard reasons are the vitamin deficiencies, usual stress and hormone problems – it can lead not just to the sexual, but to any kind of health problems. So the best way to prevent the ED profession is to have a healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself and keep calm.


To cut the line of the pain and self-uncertainty you should first of all deal with the health condition of are facing now trying to balance what you can. What doesn’t it mean? To change your behavior to the food you take, regulate the sugar level and tame more vitamins if you are in need. Probably if the doctor agree you can refuse some medical treatment or even make some necessary operation. It’s logical that if your condition is hard then there is no way you can think about the sex activity, but if it’s not so hard then the man can be easily involved into sex.

If you have the problem of the erectile dysfunction, but you already started the treatment, then you can also start taking cialis 20mg and enjoy your sexual activity. To make sure about this possibility you can go to the doctor and check if it fits your medication.

You can find more information on the Reading the articles you will understand that having some sexual disorder doesn’t mean that you should totally refuse sex. By taking care about your health state you get back your sexual activity.