Patients with dermatitis and eczema have a definite lack of biotin. More significant shortage of vitamin B8 detected in patients with eczema, including patients who abuse alcohol. The level associated with proteins of biotin form was decreased by 4.2 and 4.6 times compared with the norm and was respectively 2.1, 6.8 and 6.2 ng 1.4% (2.6 ng rate of 28.9%). Patients with dermatitis and eczema have low blood serum biotin.


It was accompanied by the appearance of a number of early symptoms, indicating the formation of vitamin B8 in the patient’s body:

  • sleep disorder,
  • memory impairment,
  • thinning and fragility of the nail plate,
  • hypersensitivity of tooth enamel,
  • tooth decay,
  • painful cracks tongue,
  • redness of the eyelids,
  • accumulation of mucus and crusts in the corners of the eyes,
  • feeling “sand” in the eyes, and the formation of blisters and erosions on the oral mucosa after eating hot food,
  • impotence (weak erection and premature ejaculation),
  • violation of the sweating function towards both increasing and decreasing,
  • premature aging of the skin, accompanied by a decrease in turgor and education early wrinkles.

Sometimes the disease is confused with a simple dry skin. How to distinguish the disease and skin specifics?

Main differences

Skin dryness – is an easy peeling, when the external factors of moisture and climate factors affect its feature. Many men simply cannot cope with moist air or dry heat. Zeichner conducted a research – dry skin is a common notion of the type of cover. This section is covered with scaly patches and eczema is a disease that occurs only in certain areas of the skin. It is also an inflammation which is caused by certain stimuli.

What causes eczema?

  • Dryness with a good tone – the skin is sensitive to stimuli, itching may occur, however, it is sufficiently elastic, matt, smooth, without a lot of wrinkles. Dry skin of the body can be caused by genetic factors and occur at birth, and may occur throughout life as a result of external factors.
  • Atopic dermatitis – is a very complex disease, chronic and genetically conditioned inflammation of the skin of an allergic nature. It can be caused by some or even a lot of factors – allergens, and not only contact but received by inhalation (pollen, dust) or with food (food allergy). Therefore, atopic dermatitis, contact is not strictly by definition.
  • The main type of eczema is idiopathic eczema, which has the character of an acute inflammatory process of the skin with rash of small blisters, which burst forming moist skin. Typically the process includes significant areas of skin (eczema on face, arms and other areas of the body), which tend to escalation.

Eczema`s treatment

If diagnosed with eczema, the treatment will depend on what kind of system imbalance was the cause of the disease, and it will be aimed at the elimination of this imbalance. Treatment in all cases combines the use of herbal remedies and procedures and is appointed strictly individually, depending on the nature of the symptoms, forms of the disease, it can be combined with drug therapy or carried as a self-treatment of eczema, without the use of pharmaceuticals.