Physical proximity is a very important part of relationship. She is especially needed in marriage. People often don`t talk about their concerns. Women keep silent about their dissatisfaction, and men pretend not to notice.

How to understand that passion in relationship has died away?

There are several ways to do this. Strong female intuition will tell you that relationship has cooled in following ways:

  • Man no longer looks at you with enthusiastic eyes. Doesn`t bring flowers, not joking.
  • Family moved to background for him. He is increasingly delayed at work, and on return he immediately goes to bed.

Who in this situation doesn`t suspect something wrong? After all, each woman is important intimacy with her husband. She wants to be loved, to feel caring and to know that she is supported in any situation.

Reasons why passion disappeared

It`s necessary to realize that passion doesn`t just disappear. There are reasons for this. Let’s look at most likely ones.

You lack emotional intimacy

After all, people are connected not only with sex. There is something more, especially between husband and wife. Romance and candy-bouquet period are far in past. Man no longer whispers erotic compliments in his ear. But! Why not restore it? So what if you’re married? So what if you already learned all the habits of each other? Emotional proximity is like “glue” for your relationship. You don`t have enough emotions, liveliness. And after all, it`s with vivid joint experiences that real passion begins.

There are unresolved problems between you

Fears and experiences, especially sex, should be discussed in marriage. After all, each person has his own vision of what intimate life should be. Man perceives concept of “sex” and “passion” in its own way, and woman in its own way. And it may be opposing views!

A man has too much to do

Modern world too “presses” on men. They bear huge mass of responsibility, care and problems. Man is told how strong he should be, that no slack can be given. Naturally, all this affects his emotional state, and then on relationship. Passion fades into background, because first you need to fulfill all responsibilities.

And now it’s time to figure out what to do? How to get closer again? How to start feeling each other, like on first dates? How to renew passion with her husband? What to change in yourself so that everything becomes good again? We have prepared answers to these questions.

How to return passion in relationship?

Connect the spontaneity! Enough with your husband equally every weekend. Make a variety. Adventures and adventures haven`t been canceled! You just stopped noticing them.

Pinch his ass. Yes, right now. Or lightly bite ear! To return passion in relationship, you need to stir up man.

Find your old photos. Suddenly among them is quite erotic? Print and hang in bathroom. You can secretly install new screen saver on your computer. Remember what kind of woman you were when man fell in love with you. Yes, to keep passion in marriage isn`t easy task, but you can revive it!

Include forgotten states of attraction. Change clothes, hairstyle and walk! Let yourself be beautiful! Put family first. Prepare delicious food, make house cozy place where you want to come. Where priority is love and intimacy, not quarrels and remarks.

Sex every day. Why not take such radical move? Do not let man cool down! A great way to arouse his libido! It’s not just sex. Cultivate passion outside bedroom. Look at her husband playfully, like a cat. On walks, on joint events.

Make surprises! The most unexpected! Going to sex shop? Why not! To disco where you haven’t been long ago? You can too! Erotic massage! New underwear!

There are a lot of ways how to return passion. Make an effort, because being married isn`t easy. But good news is that you can change everything at any time.